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Swan Pair Still Around

The swan that died that I showed you video and photos of in my last couple of posts is not one of the pair we see at Presque Isle (unless there are more than one pair that has been hanging around.)  We cruised Presque Isle today and saw there was some open water near Beach 11 and took a look.  There was a pair of swans in the water.  I’m glad the dead swan wasn’t one of this pair.  We really enjoy watching them.

Video,Swan Just Sitting on Road-Presque Isle

My husband and I like to take a drive on Presque Isle at least once each week.  We always see something interesting.  Yesterday we came upon a swan sitting in the middle of the icy road near Thompson Bay circle.  We stopped the car and I got out to see if I could coax it to the side of the road so it wouldn’t get hit.  It really blended into the road and snow.  It slowly walked to the side and couldn’t get far off the road because it was injured or too weak to get across the snow.  It was a beautiful bird.  We don’t know our swans too well but it looks like it was a Tundra (but it didn’t have that yellow mark on his bill) or perhaps a young Mute Swan that didn’t have it’s hump on the bill yet?  Let me know if you can identify.  We reported it to the park ranger.  We don’t know its fate.