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Yellow-Throated Warbler

My husband and I ran around Presque Isle today during the sunshine break between rainstorms.  It was warm and awesome on the peninsula.  The loons were still seen on the bay and there are still some red-breasted mergansers and ruddy ducks to entertain people.

We drove back to Fry’s Landing and walked the little trails back where they bird band.  After several minutes the birds started moving around again in the trees and bushes and we spotted the cute golden crowned kinglets.  We saw one yellow-rumped warbler and later spotted a yellow-throated warbler.  I was able to get a few photos.  I’m just loving that the warblers are starting to come through the area in their migration.  Though the yellow-throated warbler is a bit far north of its normal summer territory.

Video-ENWR-Bird Walk Part 2

Below is part 2 of the Bird Walk video led by Rich Eakin at the Guys Mills Heritage Fest on June 27, 2009. The bird walk was at the Erie National Wildlife Refuge as part of the Fest.


Videos-ENWR- Bird Walk Part 1

During the Guys Mills Heritage Fest I was lucky enough to go on the scheduled bird walk led by Rich Eakin. He gave an excellent walk and I learned a lot. Another walk was led by Ron Leberman. Note: Other videos that show as thumbnails on the bottom of the video box when the video is finished are what YouTube thinks are related to this video. They may be from others’ accounts.
Turn up volume as necessary to hear the bird calls in the background.



Arriving early for our board meeting for FENWR, we drove down to one of my favorite places in the refuge, Deer Run Observation Deck. We walked down the path as we got close we saw a turtle on the side of the path.

Further up it looked like some kids had dug up the trail with sticks.


We continued to the deck, enjoying the nice breeze that comes across the marsh. Returning, I noticed an animal print among the footprints and drag marks from sticks. There were raccoon tracks around all the dug-up holes.


My blame for the mess on the path turned from kids to raccoons and turtles.  This time of year turtles are laying their eggs in sand or sandy soil. My husband witnessed it on Presque Isle State Park just last Thursday. Many of the holes were snout-shaped (raccoon.) It was all coming clear.  The raccoon was digging looking for the turtle eggs.  We turned to leave and saw the turtle was back on the path with its (actually I can confidently call it a her) hind end down in a hole.

turtle in hole
She froze and then tucked her head back in her shell. We left her alone and took a few more steps to see empty turtles eggs scattered in the grass. We put them together just for the photo.  At first we thought they were small pieces of torn  plastic.

turtle eggs

We don’t know if the turtles hatched or if the raccoon ate them.  I’m sure he ate some of them, perhaps even all of them.

We always find something interesting when we visit.

I took video of what the marsh at Deer Run looks like in June.  The water plants have filled in so you don’t see much open water.  We did see an eagle flying high over the ridge. You can see the video full screen if you click the icon on the right bottom of the player window. Hit Esc on keyboard to leave full screen.

May 3rd at ENWR (pics) part 1

It was one of those days you have waited so long for. Not too hot, not too cold, just right for visiting the refuge and walking the beautiful paths.

Yesterday, you’d find the trees and bushes moving with flashes of yellow from the Yellow-rumped Warblers. They were everywhere! This one, decided to land close to me and proceeded to give me a fashion show.


The photo above shows why he got his name and why people call them little “butter butts” as a nickname.


Above: He’s a beautiful bird even looking at him straight on.


Above: From the side, you can also see he has flashes of yellow on sides. He also has a yellow slash on the top of head but it doesn’t show in these photos.