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My husband and I participated in an experimental geocaching program that may be implemented around the nation this past Saturday. We hope it is successful because, to us, nothing other than fishing is more fun in the outdoors.

I kind of ruined our trip because even though it was raining pretty hard when we left home I figured the clouds would break here and there and an umbrella would be all I needed. Well, the clouds didn’t break and the umbrella wasn’t all that I needed. I was soaked to the skin on my legs and my shoes were filled with water and sloshing with each step as we hiked around the countryside and through the wet brush as the rain poured on us. Other participants were seasoned outdoors people (apparently) because they had full rain gear down to their ankles. I’m still a west-coast girl (10 years removed) that hasn’t gotten “it” when it comes to weather out here. After Saturday, I think I finally got “it.”

There were 3 trails we were to take to find all 19 geocaches but I wanted to go home after we completed the first trail because I was soaked and was chilled. Even though it wasn’t all that cold out my teeth were chattering. My husband had warned me to wear my weatherized shoes and bring extra socks and even tried to give me a rain poncho which I didn’t want to wear. It’s too bad and I regret not being prepared. One of the trails we missed going on was one we had never been on before and we were looking forward to it.

A New Look Plus Geocaching

This blog will be changing. Instead of just covering the Erie National Wildlife Refuge, I’ll also be posting about many local, state and national parks, nearby and afar.

Another major change is my Geocaching videos that I have posted on the Geocaching page. Most of the geocaching we like to do is in state and local parks and near or in national forests. The refuge system doesn’t allow it (for now) but many have virtual geocaches which is more like waymarking.

Many of the pages are still under construction but I’ll be adding the information shortly.