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Yellow-Throated Warbler

My husband and I ran around Presque Isle today during the sunshine break between rainstorms.  It was warm and awesome on the peninsula.  The loons were still seen on the bay and there are still some red-breasted mergansers and ruddy ducks to entertain people.

We drove back to Fry’s Landing and walked the little trails back where they bird band.  After several minutes the birds started moving around again in the trees and bushes and we spotted the cute golden crowned kinglets.  We saw one yellow-rumped warbler and later spotted a yellow-throated warbler.  I was able to get a few photos.  I’m just loving that the warblers are starting to come through the area in their migration.  Though the yellow-throated warbler is a bit far north of its normal summer territory.

Video,Swan Just Sitting on Road-Presque Isle

My husband and I like to take a drive on Presque Isle at least once each week.  We always see something interesting.  Yesterday we came upon a swan sitting in the middle of the icy road near Thompson Bay circle.  We stopped the car and I got out to see if I could coax it to the side of the road so it wouldn’t get hit.  It really blended into the road and snow.  It slowly walked to the side and couldn’t get far off the road because it was injured or too weak to get across the snow.  It was a beautiful bird.  We don’t know our swans too well but it looks like it was a Tundra (but it didn’t have that yellow mark on his bill) or perhaps a young Mute Swan that didn’t have it’s hump on the bill yet?  Let me know if you can identify.  We reported it to the park ranger.  We don’t know its fate.