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Bald Eagle, Spruce Grouse, Scenery

My last post had a short video of Bowman Lake in Glacier National Park.  The road started out in a burned area which was very stark and dark. We reached an area where more light came through and new growth was abundant but still very young.

On the way we stopped to get some scenery shots and look at some scat on the dirt road. It looked like elk scat.  We were the only ones on this long, narrow dirt road for quite a long time when a truck pulled up and the guy started talking to us.  He lived not far from the border of Glacier NP.  He directed us to where we may see some wolves.  He also told us how his wife was hanging some clothes when a big grizzly came near and she ran for the house. I saw wolves up near Bowman Lake on a Youtube video.  I was sure hoping we’d see some.  We didn’t, but the scenery sure looked like a pack could come out of the woods at any moment.

There was a light snowfall the evening before we went on our day trip to Bowman Lake.  Along the road we spotted an osprey nest in a burned out area of the park.  As sad as the burns are, the new growth is so vigorous. A bald eagle greeted us at the turn from one dirt road to another where it head up the mountain side to Bowman Lake.

When we got into some thick evergreen trees toward the top of the mountain a Spruce Grouse wouldn’t get out of the road.  This was our first time seeing a Spruce Grouse. They are beautiful birds.

After all the wonderful sights we saw on the way up, nothing compared to turning the corner and seeing this.

No wonder so many people take their camping gear and hike  for a week into those mountains in Glacier National Park.