Sharing the Adventure

Pymatuning State Park

Playful Red-breasted Mergansers

Saturday there were many Red-breasted Mergansers playing in Presque Isle Bay. Sunday they were just a few. Here is a video of the mergansers displaying and being playful. I love how they have that burst of speed. They look so comical.

The Wicked Gull and the Little Ruddy Ducks

Pymatuning State Park, PA – April 11, 2010

We saw several immature American Bald eagles at Pymatuning State Park last weekend. The Purple Martins are back and making noise over their nesting holes but what we spent most of our time watching were the Ruddy Ducks.

I’ve never seen so many Ruddy Ducks! I saw 5 at Presque Isle Bay the weekend before and got excited. Previously, I had only seen one a couple of years ago. But this was Ruddy Duck Day at Pymatuning State Park and it was fun watching them. And then came this gull.