Sharing the Adventure

Oil Creek State Park

Geocaching, Lake Erie Bluffs, Waterford Eagle (video)

My husband and I took a drive down to Waterford on Friday to do a little geocaching and to check in on the eagle. We saw one baby poking its head over the nest and one adult in the nest when were arrived. We found a couple of geocaches in the area and then went fishing at Oil Creek State Park where my husband caught 2 nice trout. I got skunked, I need to work on my fly casting as I’m scaring all the fish away.

Saturday we geocached and hiked near and inside Erie Bluffs State Park. What beautiful views from the bluffs! We spotted our first-of-the-year Yellow-rumped warblers, Towhees and what I believe were some palm warblers near the edge of the park near the RR tracks. The trilliums were in bloom like a carpet across the floor of the woods. We just had a wonderful time. It won’t be long and it will be a bit buggy. Bring your repellent.

Flyfishing Oil Creek 11-14-09 Video

Due to an injury I decided not to fish a week ago last Saturday. Instead I brought the video camera and wanted to video any fish if my husband caught any, which he almost always does. It was a great day. We arrived late in the afternoon but only saw one person fishing that day downstream and we got the pick of spots along the creek. I had to cross an inlet to get to where my husband was going to fish. I had on jeans and sneakers and got soaked up to my knees with icy cold water. I thought the water was lower than it was and I didn’t come prepared. Needless to say, I was shivering on the sidelines but was a good sport for a little over an hour. But then I wanted to leave and my husband became the good sport leaving behind a creek full of hungry fish.

I don’t like how WordPress compacts the videos to fit in the frame. The fullscreen option on the player below actually makes the video lose quality so if you want the in-between size, which is best, just go to this link (if you have a slower connection, pause the video and let it load before playing it.)

Oil Creek State Park-Thankfully Spared

Thank goodness they didn’t close Oil Creek State Park. If you have never been there you are really missing out on a beautiful park. Oil Creek is a great fishing creek that we go to often. You’ll hardly ever find a crowd there and there are plenty of trails, geocaches and great fishing spots.

My husband and I were down there twice last weekend to fish. I was still recuperating from 3 full days of sanding our hard-wood floors and I had a hard time standing for any length of time so I just sat on a folding chair and watched my husband catch 7 trout in a couple of hours. How I wished I hadn’t over-done the floor sanding!

I wanted to fish so bad that we came back the next day, Sunday, to try it again. I didn’t catch anything but cold. My husband caught 2 nice rainbow trout. Actually, I froze my tail off. But the fish were there, the conditions had changed. The sun wasn’t out on Sunday. An eagle flew down low over the creek. We love going there, fish or no fish.

I’m in the process of putting together a video of my husband catching the 7 trout on Saturday. I also had fun that day not only video-taping my husband catching fish but also taking slow-mo video of the moving current and of the minnows jumping out of the water. I’m easily amused :-). I’ll post the video as soon as I’m done with it.

(video)Our Geocaching Trip to Oil Creek 10-12-09