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My goal is to bring additional public awareness to the wonderful educational and recreational opportunities the refuge and local, state and national parks have to offer. I’ll take you along with photos and videos of our visits to these wonderful places.

Often overlooked as a great place to get away and enjoy nature is the Erie National Wildlife Refuge in Guys Mill, PA. My husband and I were board members of the Friends of Erie National Wildlife Refuge (see below) but time and distance from the refuge and sometimes treacherous winter weather interfered with us being involved like we wanted to so we decided to resign this year.

Friends of Erie National Wildlife Refuge (FENWR) was established in 2006. The Friends group is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the mission and purposes of the Erie National Wildlife Refuge. It provides services and programs, including education programs, habitat restoration,  volunteer staff, fund raising and more.

Erie National Wildlife Refuge (ENWR) has three distinct habitats, forests, fields and water’s edge, with 47 species of mammals and 37 species of amphibians and reptiles. French Creek, which contains over 80 species of native fish, runs through the refuge. ENWR is designated as an Important Bird Area by the National Audubon Society, attracting 237 bird species.

ENWR’s website states that the refuge’s main objective is to provide waterfowl and other migratory birds with nesting, feeding, brooding and resting habitat.

Named after the Eriez Indians, ENWR lies 35 miles south of Lake Erie near the town of Guys Mills, 10 miles east of Meadville. There are two separate land divisions, the Seneca Division and the Sugar Lake Division, for a total of 8,800 acres.  For a map of the refuge click here.

Please visit the Friends of Erie National Wildlife Refuge (FENWR) website and the official Erie National Wildlife Refuge website. Please become a friend of the ENWFR by joining FENWR.

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