Sharing the Adventure

Along “Going to the Sun Road”

It was raining, sunny, cloudy and foggy as we drove along the “Going to the Sun Road” in Glacier National Park. We left Many Glacier Hotel on the north east end of the park and was taking Going to the Sun Road down to Lake McDonald which is on the western edge of the park.  Logan Pass, which is so beautiful, was under construction which kind of ruined so many pictures and videos but the scenery was like something out of a movie.  It is as close to Rivendell (Lord of the Rings) as you can get. Waterfalls everywhere, steep mountains, glaciers, valleys, wildlife.  Gorgeous! After finishing “the loop” we came upon this river.  It had unbelievable color, like an emerald.  The clean water has minerals in it that gives it that color.  I couldn’t stop taking videos of it.  We also stopped at the boardwalk trail in an ancient cedar grove. I left my camcorder in the car because I just wanted to look at the trees for once, not through a view finder.  Mistake!  How I wished I had brought my camcorder.  There is a river coming through the huge smooth rocks crashing into emerald pools lined with mossy cedars in filtered light.  I can’t share it with you as it lives in my memory but I do have a video of the clear emerald creek along the road. I embedded the video to play in HD and if it is jerky or stops from a slower connection speed, just pause it and let it load before playing.

2 responses

  1. Danny

    Good Golly, this is huge!

    October 18, 2010 at 11:00 am

    • fenwr

      I was fooling around with the different sizes and some of the new themes. You must have caught it with one of them that wasn’t working too good. I have since sized it down.

      October 18, 2010 at 7:06 pm

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