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Presque Isle and Scott Park Migrating Birds

I didn’t realize I hadn’t updated my blog since last May! Oh, my! Well, these past two weeks have been great for birders. My husband and I have come across new warblers we hadn’t seen before, the Nashville Warbler and Cape May Warbler. We’ve seen a lot of warblers these past couple of weeks as well as other birds. The list includes:

Palm Warblers (Scott Park and Presque Isle. They were so numerous last week but not so many now.)

Black and White Warblers (lots of them) (Scott Park and Presque Isle)

Magnolia Warblers (Scott Park and Presque Isle)

Canada Warblers (Scott Park)

Hooded Warblers (Scott Park)

Nashville Warbler (Fry’s Landing at Presque Isle)

Cape May Warbler (Thompson Circle at Presque Isle)

Northern Waterthrush (Thompson C at Presque Isle)

Baltimore Orioles (Scott Park and Presque Isle)

Black-throated Green Warbler (Scott Park)

Indigo Buntings (Scott Park and Presque Isle)

Common Yellowthroat (Fry’s Landing at Presque Isle)

Great Crested Flycatcher (Scott Park)

Cedar Waxwings (Scott Park)

Bluebirds (Scott Park)

Last year we saw lots of Black-throated Blue Warblers but we can’t seem to find them this year. I’m hoping we’ll come across some this week before they are gone.


Magnolia Warbler


Indigo Bunting


Female Magnolia Warbler


Cape May Warbler


Chestnut Sided Warbler


Great Crested Flycatcher


Hooded Warbler

Most of my photos are from my camcorder.